Plumbing emergency? Work on these four points

“Don’t freak out” is what you’ll mostly get when there is a plumbing emergency, but it’s not easy. When the pipes burst or the toilet overflows, you begin to consider all of the things that could be ruined if the disaster continues. It’s okay to be perplexed, but you must act quickly and call upon the Drain cleaning services. That said, there’s something you too can do says the experts of drain cleaning Kildare to minimize the damage and make the plumber’s job easier.

Here are the points to provide you some piece of mind in case of such a mishap –

  • Shut off the water

Put a stop to the leak at the source. Turn off the water supply to any fixtures that have broken or are unable to shut off on their own. If it doesn’t work, head to the main water supply, which is usually close to the water metre. This can also help to minimise the  damage to your home by not overflowing into the furniture and other assets. If left ignored, even the tiniest leaks can result in thousands of pounds in damage.

  • Take photos

Funny? Absolutely not. While it may appear to be a waste of time in the heat of the moment, you want to snap a few photos or record video of the problem as it occurs. The photos and video could be useful to your home insurance company and the plumber. Take a few more photographs after the mess has been cleaned up.

  • Check for damages

Do not wait for the drain unblocking Kildare services but start locating where exactly the clog or the damage is that can help to easy it for the plumber and also get to work as soon as they arrive. Another reason to look for the source of damage is to understand if it is any near to electrical appliances that can wreck major problems. While in the process, do not block the door or windows with towels.

  • Contact your local water company

While you have already called for the emergency plumber, CCTV Drain Surveys in kildare, show it is helpful to notify your local water company. If the leak or problem was caused by a sewage main or a clogged main water line or sewer pipe, the company should contact a professional to solve the situation. In the meanwhile, they might be able to provide you some helpful advice on how to deal with the emergency.