Everything You Need to Know About No Dig Drain Repair


Dealing with broken drains is extremely stressful. Especially when dealing with the process of repairing the drains. The cost and time it takes can really take its toll on the property owner. Not to mention the mess from the extensive digging that may be necessary to access the pipes. However, there is a drain repair solution that bypasses the hassle of a dig. And that solution is a no-dig drain repair.

What is No Dig Drain Repair?

A no-dig drain repair is exactly what it sounds like. A method of repairing a broken drain, without the need to excavate it. This method is also known as drain relining. Or pipe relining. It involves installing a new pipe inside the damaged pipe. Essentially lining the old pipe with the new and covering the damage. The new pipe is made of fibreglass matter and specialised resin. And it adheres tightly to the wall of the damaged pipe. Ultimately, restoring the free-flowing function of the drain or sewer.

What damage is relining able to resolve?

Drain relining is an ideal solution for fixing open or leaking joints. In addition to circumferential or radial cracks. This type of damage is typically the result of blockages. It is also very effective in combating root intrusion. This is something that old clay drainage pipes are most susceptible to.

Is drain relining more expensive than a repair?

Drain relining is a much more cost-effective solution in comparison to a traditional drain repair. Firstly, as it is a no dig solution, this avoids having to pay the rental cost for heavy-duty digging equipment. And secondly, the cost of cleaning and repairing your property is significantly less. Since the solution requires no digging, there is minimal disruption and damage upon completion of the job.

How long does drain relining last?

Blocked Drains Kildare provides a drain relining solution that lasts over 50 years.

How long does it take to complete a no dig drain repair?

Drain relining is a much quicker process than a traditional repair. In many cases, our technicians can complete a drain relining in under one day.