Understanding the Importance of Maintaining Your Drains & How to Actually Do It


Maintaining your drains is an essential aspect of home maintenance. And overlooking this important task can cause seriously unpleasant consequences. Do not assume that drain maintenance is a small or insignificant task. Regular drain maintenance plays a crucial role in preventing many drain issues. Thus ensuring the proper functioning of your entire plumbing system. By taking proactive steps to keep your drains clean and clear, you can avoid the potential risks and damages associated with a blocked drain.

Why should you spend time maintaining your drains?

Regular drain maintenance ensures that the drainage system operates optimally at all times. Therefore, it helps stave off minor issues such as blockages. Consequently, by preventing minor issues, you prevent major issues. For example, cracks within the pipes. Or wastewater backing up into your property. And while we always advise our customers to try to prevent blockages, it is worth mentioning that a single blocked drain isn’t too concerning. Especially if you resolve the blockage quickly and effectively. However, ignoring a blockage can and will result in more serious problems. That may be costly to repair. Additionally, frequent blockages indicate a larger issue. Which will require a professional drain expert to resolve.

How do you care for your drainage system?

It doesn’t take significant time or effort to effectively maintain a drainage system. And by putting in that time, you will save yourself time, money and stress in the long run. Firstly, we advise our customers to never flush anything other than toilet paper. Avoid flushing wipes and sanitary wear. As these items are not able to pass through a drainage system. And regularly flushing them will cause a whole host of issues. Additionally, if you have a toddler, ensure they don’t flush any household items. Believe us, we come across this a lot. And it can be easily avoided with a child-proof latch. Secondly, install a drain cover to avoid food or hair washing down the drains. Both will cause a build-up that can lead to blockages. Thirdly, never ever pour grease down a drain. Again, this will block the pipes. Leading to blockages. And finally, clean your drain regularly. There are a number of DIY methods. Utilise these once a month. Additionally, we recommend professional cleaning once a year. In order to keep your drainage system in optimal health!