What Exactly is a Drain Inspection? And When Would I Need One?


A drain inspection is a diagnostic method of evaluating a drainage system in order to determine if everything is running smoothly. This is done by inserting a state-of-the-art drain camera into the drainage system. The camera snakes its way throughout the entire system, recording as it goes. A technician then reviews the footage, in order to assess the overall condition and quality of underground drains, pipelines and sewer systems. Another name for a drain inspection is a CCTV drain survey.

When would I need a drain inspection?

There are many reasons to undergo a drain inspection. Firstly, a CCTV drain survey is necessary if you are experiencing drain issues. For example, recurrent clogs or blockages, gurgling pipes, bad odours emitting from the drains or rat issues. The inspection will determine the cause of the issues.

Another reason to conduct a drain survey is to pre-empt any drain issues. Drain maintenance is essential if you would like to avoid any potentially expensive and disruptive drain repairs. Therefore, we recommend annual drain inspections and drain cleanings in order to keep drains in the best possible condition. It is way more cost-effective to maintain drain health than to pay for major drain repairs.

And finally, we would recommend a drain survey to anyone looking to purchase a new home. A pre-purchase inspection will identify any current problems with the pipes or any potential issues that may arise in the future. Therefore, ensuring your new home is a good investment.

Do you require a CCTV Drain Survey?

Blocked Drains Kildare provides expert drain services, from inspection to excavations. Our technicians provide unrivalled inspections. And our high-quality drain camera is able to capture even the most minuscule of damage. All footage captured by the CCTV drain camera is recorded and provided to each client along with a detailed report of any repairs that need to take place. If you require a survey, contact a member of our team today!