Avoiding Blocked Drains in your sink

Closeup of tap water flowing into stainless steel drain

If you have ever had blocked drains, you will know the pain that this brings. In order for your life and household to function normally, working plumbing is absolutely essential. At Blocked Drains Meath, we see plenty of situations that could have been prevented. Here are some top tips on how to prevent blocked drains.

The first piece of advice is to avoid throw-away cooking oils down the sink. This is a very common behavior that is harmful to your drain. It may be tempting to pour oil or grease into the sink, as it is more convenient in the short term, but over time this habit will become the source of regret. Instead of pouring out your cooking oil down the drain, collect it – a jar or bottle will do. Once your contraption is full, you can simply throw it into the bin. While you are at it, be careful with food scraps. These should always be placed into the bin or compost rather than down the drain.

Another top tip is to avoid washing hair down the sink. Of course, it is certain that some hair will escape down the drain, but at a large scale, this will build up and cause blockages. When you clean your bathroom, pull the trapped hair out of the drain rather than washing it down. It is also wise to avoid brushing your hair over the sink, preventing the collection of hair in the sink.

It is really important to only flush items that should be flushed. If you are flushing any kinds of personal care products other than toilet paper, it will not be long before you have a problem. Even flushable wipes are of questionable safety when it comes to the safety of your drains. Any kind of wipes should be placed into the bin, where they can be disposed of as they are supposed to be. If you have flushed a large item that has no business going down the drain – perhaps a child is the culprit – best to call a plumber sooner rather than later.

When you notice that your drains are not working as they should, do not let the issue get worse. If a large blockage has formed, it is unlikely to clear on its own and will only grow larger if you continue depositing unsuitable materials down the sink. Classic signs of a blockage, such as slower than usual drainage, should be addressed as soon as possible by calling in a professional plumber. At Blocked Drains Meath, we often investigate issues by using a CCTV drain camera, which allows us to visualize any masses which are not supposed to be there. Usually, a blockage – especially if it is minor – can be dislodged using a high-pressure water jet.

Hopefully, you have put this advice into practice, but if it is too late and your drains are showing signs of blockage, it is high time to call a plumber to investigate and address the issue. At Blocked Drains Meath, we understand that plumbing problems must be fixed urgently. You can reach us by phone on 1800 718 864 or contact us by email or through our website contact form.