3 Ways to Avoid Blocked Drains This Christmas


Christmas is supposedly the most wonderful time of the year. However, for many people, it can be stressful. Between shopping, entertaining, and the pressure for perfection. It is no wonder that many people find themselves at their breaking point. With all the madness that is this season, there is one thing homeowners do not need. And that is to experience issues with their drains. Drain problems can be a nightmare at the best of times. So it stands to reason you would want to avoid this if possible at this time of year. Don’t worry – we’re here to help! Here are 3 ways you can avoid blocked drains this Christmas.

1. Be vigilant about disposing of waste to avoid blocked drains this Christmas

Many drain issues stem from improperly disposing of certain materials down drains. For example, food debris or grease in the kitchen. Or wipes, and sanitary materials in the bathroom. Or even hair down the shower drain. Many people do this unconsciously. Or think that if they do it infrequently, there won’t be an issue. However, that is the problem. An entire household thinking they are the only ones flushing grease or wipes creates a build-up over time. And with the extra pressure on a drainage system that happens around Christmas, this is when that build-up could come back to bite you. So, to avoid this, remind your household not to dispose of these things down the drain. Additionally, we recommend adding drain screens to your sinks.

2. Clean your drains thoroughly

An effective drain cleaning solution is a great preventative measure to avoid blocked drains this Christmas. You could utilise a DIY or a professional method. There are many effective DIY drain cleaning methods. However, the issue with a DIY solution is that it only works on minor issues. A professional drain cleaning solution is a simple, yet highly effective way to clear your drains quickly and thoroughly. In fact, high-pressure water-jetting is the most effective way to clean a drainage system. So, if you want to ensure you do not experience any drain problems this Christmas, then a professional solution is best.

3. Get a drain survey before Christmas

Our final tip is to hire a professional drain company to conduct a drain survey, before the festive period. A CCTV drain inspection will show you exactly what is happening within your drainage system. Therefore, if there is a potential issue, you will have forewarning. Making it much easier to resolve before you experience a major problem. Like a sewage backup as you sit down to Christmas dinner!