Blocked Drains Kildare is an industry-leading drain company with a wealth of knowledge and experience on all drain related issues. We provide drain services to all domestic and commercial clients in Kildare, and throughout surrounding areas such as Dublin, Wicklow & Meath.  

All our team are highly trained and certified to perform professional drain services such as drain cleaning and unblocking, major and minor drain repairs and relining services. Additionally, we provide preventative services, as well as drain inspections in order to diagnose issues such as rat activity

Our Drain Cleaning Service

As with a lot of our unique services, we are constantly thinking of you. We don’t just clear where the blockage is, we clean and clear in 15 metre sections and guarantee that section to be free of tree roots. Not only that, we charge a fixed price. No call out fee. No setup fee. No water jet fee. Just a simple affordable cost to get your blocked drain cleared.